The Justice and Respect for All initiative features the lives and voices of immigrants and refugees in Central Minnesota, their native-born friends, neighbors, and co-workers -- themselves descendants of immigrants -- and the United States Constitution that promises freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and equal protection of the law to all. The project includes radio spots that will play from January 16 through January 20 on KCLD 104.7 FM and More FM 99.9. We will also have a billboard on Highway 75 between St. Joseph and St. Cloud highlighting the Constitution’s guarantee of religious freedom for all.

The radio spots portray the voices and values of Yemi, a U.S. citizen born in Nigeria who was proud to vote for the first time in 2016; Fadumo, a U.S. citizen born in Somalia who welcomes new life into the world as a labor and delivery nurse; Sister Mara, who tutors new Americans as she ponders the biblical question, “Who is my neighbor?”; and Jim, who writes and teaches about the Constitution and reminds us that “We the People of the United States” include human beings of many faiths and colors.

This initiative was born of the conviction that the United States is and should always remain a beacon of freedom and hope for the world, and that welcoming new Americans as neighbors, co-workers, and fellow citizens does not diminish us but enriches us. You are welcome to email us with questions, suggestions, and any other feedback at